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Mighty Noms is a collaboration with Canada’s top chefs to test concept menus that will soon be offered in their existing or future restaurants. The food is prepared in their restaurants. Mighty Noms will then deliver the food to you.


Canada’s top Chefs use Mighty Noms as a platform to test concept menus before they introduce it in their existing restaurants. All food items are prepared in their restaurant following the guidelines of food health and safety.


Chefs on Mighty Noms agree to only charge for the groceries used and do not charge their normal restaurant markup on Mighty Noms.

Concept menus are only available on Mighty Noms for a set period of time. New concept menus will be introduced with each new collaboration.


Each menu item is designed for one very, very, incredibly, hungry person. Or one and a half people with average appetites. Or two slightly below average appetites. Mighty Noms menu items are much larger than they appear in the photos.

Each menu item is about 700g by weight or the equivalent in volume. For example, entrees and meats will be 700g, whereas salads will be less than 700g, but the volume will be same.


Mighty Noms food explodes with flavour and quality.

Our collaboration Chefs are all Red Seal certified and operate their own restaurants. Some even have their own cooking shows and have participated in culinary competitions.

A collaboration with Mighty Noms allows them to gain genuine honest feedback on their concept menus by telling you their story through their food and cooking without the their brand and celebrity status.


Mighty Noms items are vacuum sealed for freshness right before delivery.

The Chefs have adjusted their cooking techniques to ensure your food is as they designed it to taste in the concept menu.

This is to accommodate for you to heat up your meal at home and have it taste exactly as the Chefs intended if it were at their restaurant.


You can heat Mighty Noms meals using a microwave or a sous vide

For microwaves: Put food on plate or heat directly inside vacuum pack for a few minutes.

For sous vide: Boil water, turn off heat, place bag hot water for a few minutes.


In the fridge, the vacuum pack keeps the food fresh for seven to ten days, depending on the item.

Items can be frozen in the vacuum pack without compromise as long as it is sealed.


Choose from our concept menus. You can add as many food items as you want across all the concept menus and it will be delivered to you at the same time. You can also pick up your entire order from a single location if you wish.

We accept debit cards by Visa, Mastercard, and major credit cards. We may ask for additional information if the delivery information does not match that of the credit card.


If you order before Wednesday, your pickup or delivery will be on Sunday.

If you order before Saturday, your pickup or delivery will be on Wednesday.


Delivery is available in Edmonton for a flat rate of $15 on all orders of as many or as few meals as you like. We only delivery in Edmonton at this point in time, but this can change in the future.

We will deliver to the address you provided. On delivery day, you will be contacted 2hrs before we arrive. Orders must be handed off to a person in the household as it cannot be left at the door as per food safety guidelines.

If you miss your delivery, your order will be at the pick-up location at the end of the day.


You can also pick up your order at one of the collaboration restaurants in Edmonton. The pickup location will be sent to you a few days before the pickup date.


No. There are no added preservatives, or MSG, in Mighty Noms meals.


Orders can be changed through our customer service as long as it is before the order cut off day. The order cut off day for Sunday delivery is before Wednesday. And for Wednesday delivery, cut off is before Saturday. You can contact our customer service through Instagram @MightNomNoms or snapchat @MightyNoms please include your order number with any order changes.

Because groceries for your order will be purchased by the chef the day after the cut off day, we will not be able to provide credit or process refunds after the cut off day. The delivery fee can only be credited if a delivery attempt has not been made, we cannot process a refund on delivery if the order has already been put into the vehicle for delivery. If you missed our attempt to deliver your order, you can pick up your order at our location at the end of the day.

Please contact our customer service through Instagram @MightNomNoms or snapchat @MightyNoms before you change or cancel an order. Order changes or cancellations done directly on our website or through your payment provider will result in Mighty Noms and our chefs to incur a service fee. We will not be able to provide food or service until this service fee charged to us by your payment provider is paid. This is to keep prices affordable and to protect all Mighty Noms customers. Thank you for your understanding.


The quickest way to get a hold of our customer service is through our Instagram or Snapchat.

IG: @mightynomnoms
Snap: @mightynoms

Our email and phone contact are currently reserved for our chefs and food suppliers. We will update our customer service contact as it changes. Thank you for your patience.


The goal of Mighty Noms is to provide restaurant quality food at cost to customers who order through Mighty Noms.  Through our collaboration you will receive direct customer feedback on your food without it affecting your existing brand through your concept menu.  You will also get the chance to collaborate with other head chefs as well. 


Your concept menu should focus entirely on the quality of the food and your cooking techniques, which is why food ordered on Mighty Noms can be no more than the groceries used to make that dish.  Each meal should be 700g or its volumetric equivalent, and vacuum sealed for delivery.  You can set the price as low, or as high as you want up to the limit of the groceries.  The focus of your concept menu must ultimately be on the food and its quality.


Basic requirements are:

-You have at least one operating restaurant that is available for lunch and/or dinner service.

-Your restaurant does not need to be disclosed, but you will prepare the food in your restaurant.

-Mighty Noms does not provide additional equipment or a kitchen for your concept menu.  We offer a platform for customers to order off of your concept menu and we offer the delivery service.

-If necessary, your restaurant will be used as a pickup location for orders.  It will not interrupt your regular service and we will provide our staff for customer pickups.

 -You must be red seal certified and have more than ten years of experience as a head chef with experience in leading a kitchen brigade.

-The concept menu that you create for Mighty Noms should have a concise objective in the feedback you are trying to obtain.  It can be a concept menu for an upcoming competition, developing dishes for an upcoming TV spot, utilizing different premium ingredients, developing a new cuisine, or even trying new grocery suppliers.  This can all be done anonymously in the spirit of refining your culinary acumen without interrupting your existing restaurant business. 


Our chefs work closely together to share and develop new culinary techniques and methods not yet utilized in the restaurant industry to elevate everyone in the collaboration.  There will be a peer review process with existing chefs to ensure there are no conflicts in the instance of preparing for a culinary competition.


For further information please contact us through our Instagram or Snapchat for more details.


IG: @mightynomnoms

Snap: @mightynoms